IMM Projects offers maintenance, servicing, replacement parts and machinery training to manufacturers using injection molding machines, spanning new and older models, equipment and robotics.

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We have re-Established our injection molding business in 2017 here in the UK following a relocation from South-Africa. 

As a 20 year old, owner Michael started his early career as a Can Maker, 4 years down the line, blissfully unaware of the life changing journey ahead he started a new career for Engel SA in 2006. In July 2012 he stepped up to oversee and dedicate his efforts to a new area as senior service engineer in Durban, South-Africa.  The opportunity to start his own IMM business materialized a few years later and proofed to be a huge success.  Someone did once say "Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying".

A new chapter:  In 2016 a nerve-racking decision was made to embrace greener pastures here in the United Kingdom with new opportunities, new highs some lows, plenty of perseverance and some more hard work, gently pushed toward new beginnings once again.  Knowledge and industry experience lay the first foundation blocks for a new business venture and so IMM Projects UK was established. Our claim to fame might not be in numbers (as yet) but definitely in the varied abilities that comes from working with different makes, models and brands.  You will definitely not be let down in our know-how savvy.  Hard work always pays off.

The Now:

We are proud to join hands with well establised Spanish owned company itoPlas, acting as local agents to better service and support of its current and potentail future clients.  The itoPlas range will include itoSave Servo kits, itoControl Electronic Systems and the Series IS Injection Molding Machines, all aimed at the industry 4.0.


















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We have worked with the following brands:


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