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About IMM Projects

We re-established our injection moulding business in 2017, here in the UK following a relocation from South-Africa. As a 20 year old, Michael – the owner of IMM – started his early career as a can maker. Four years down the line, blissfully unaware of the life changing journey ahead, he started a new career with Engel SA; this was back in 2006.

In July 2012 he stepped up to oversee and dedicate his efforts to a new area as senior service engineer in Durban, South-Africa, but another new chapter began in 2016. It was then when a nerve-racking decision was made to embrace greener pastures here in the United Kingdom with new opportunities, many highs, some lows, plenty of perseverance and some more hard work. Michael gently pushed toward new beginnings once again.

Knowledge and industry experience lay the first foundation blocks for a new business venture and so IMM Projects was established. Our claim to fame might not be in numbers (yet) but definitely comes in the varied abilities, which comes from working with different makes, models and brands over 13 years. You will not be let down in our know-how savvy.

2019 News: We are proud to join hands with the well-established, Spanish owned company itoPlas Engineering, acting as local agents to better service and support its current and potential future customers. The itoPlas range includes itoSave Servo kits, itoControl Electronic Systems and the Series IS Injection Moulding Machines, all boasting with Industrie 4.0 technology. This new portfolio is helping us evolve and reach higher highs, and offers many sought after benefits for our clients. As they say, “there is no elevator to success….you have to take the stairs”.