Injection Moulding Machine Maintenance and Servicing

With years of experience working on brands from Engel to Arburg, Piovan to Shini our knowledge of injection moulding machine servicing, maintenance, errors and breakdowns is exceptional. Working from Northamptonshire, we are well placed within the Midlands to travel to premises across the UK to help businesses reduce downtime and solve issues. We are also experienced in troubleshooting problems on the phone, so we hope to get you running again in minutes.



We can assist with -

  • Set-up problems
  • Processing errors
  • Pneumatic breakdowns
  • Hydraulic failures
  • Electrical complications

We offer -

  • Ongoing maintenance plans
  • Yearly servicing
  • De-commissioning of machines
  • Re-commissioning of machines
  • Levelling and platen alignment
  • Phone support


Read more about our Components and Parts Service or Training and Education.

Contact us for more information about safeguarding your machine's longevity or if you have an immediate breakdown that needs attention.



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