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Beston BTW-V Series Injection Moulding Machines in the UK


Beston injection moulding machines are competitively priced, and the BTW-V series offers even more savings to UK plastics manufacturers. With its parts being made in Asia, Beston ensures the reduction in their costs is passed on to savvy customers around the globe. The Beston UK sales team at IMM projects guarantees the units are one of the most simple to sure and maintain, but operatives can call the support line and someone will be on hand to help even out-of-hours; if we can't troubleshoot the issue over the phone we'll come out to you as soon as we can and do our very best to keep your downtime to a minimum.



An injection moulding machine manufactured from components from Asia, the Beston BTW-V Series is priced competatively and saves energy for plastics businesses.


An easily adjustable nozzle, concentrated lubrication, linear guide rails, automatic purge, cold start prevention and a delay function are just some of the features of this efficient, precision injection moulding machine. The hybrid electro-hydraulic system that prevents temperature changes means multiple die requirements are uncomplicated and different injection packs, clamping components and power packs make for endless manufacturing options. 


There are 12 models, which provide a semi or fully closed loop system; clamping forces range from 1000 to 12,000KN, and moulds from a height of 150mm to 1,250mm, which are slightly smaller ranges than the SYS Series.  Save resources and money with reduced dry cycle times, lower energy consumption, less deformed products and a greater mould life.



High Rigidity - the 'V' clamping system allows for precise mould opening and gives ultimate strength

High Speed - a 20% improvement can be made in part due to the variable pump

Flexible Adjustment - precise end injection and pressure holding positions for ultimate stability

Clean - oil loop with self-sealing filter avoids oil pollution and degradation

Quiet - design engineered to produce a quieter environment for manufacturers




UK plastic product manufacturers can be sure that one of the BTW-V Series machines from Beston will create robust products such as electronic equipment, medical supplies and automotic parts.


Call IMM Projects today to learn more about the 12 models available and the standard and optional accessories.  Or read more by downloading the following PDFs.


Beston BTW-V Series Component List

Beston BTW-V Series Standard Features

Beston BTW-V Series Product Catalogue



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