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Beston SYS Series Injection Moulding Machines in the UK


Thanks to a competitive market price you can start saving from the moment you choose a Beston SYS Series Machine; however, you will carry on saving by utilising a lower amount of energy, by employing moulds for longer and not needing to re-manufacture deformed products.  You're likely to save time maintaining and programming this precision injection moulding machine too as it's one of the most user friendly. 


Nevertheless, if you do have trouble with any element of the process, you can call our support line for assistance day or night.  If we can't guide you through the issue we'll come to your premises as soon as we can.  Machinery downtime and poor customer service can cost businesses thousands of pounds, so as well as high precision machines, we offer high precision after-sales.


The 13 Beston SYS Series models have been designed with safety in mind and for them to be 100% contamination fee.  The balanced double cylinder of the linear guide rail ensures the nozzle seal is exceptional, even during high pressure injections and with the wide range of clamping components.




Durable - highly rigid clamping structure, which alleviates mould deformities

Simple - easily adjustable nozzle, centralised lubrication, effortless maintenance

High Speed - enhanced clamping cycle by 30 to 50%

Sanitary - shifing linear injection rails for minimal cleaning

Stable - optimised design and efficient controller guarantees moulding stability

Modular - a huge variety of manufacturing demands can be easily met with the multiple shot system

Precise - semi or fully closed circuit, allowing strict forming control

Energy Efficient - save between 20 and 50% of energy with the high response structure

Fast Production - quick drying and high speed shot reduces forming cycle time


UK plastic product manufacturers can be sure that one of the SYS Series machines from Beston will create robust products such as mobile components, toys and medical equipment.



Call IMM Products today to learn more about the 13 models available and the standard and optional accessories.  Or read more by downloading the following PDFs.


Beston SYS Series Component List

Beston SYS Series Standard Features

Beston SYS Series Product Catalogue



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