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itoPlas Engineering itoControl - Electonic controllers for injection moulding machines

IMM Projects are the only UK suppliers of


Maximum precision, outstanding efficiency, and an intuitive interface.

The itoConrol electronic control system combines a modern high precisions devices with an 15.6” interface designed with the user in mind. This allows maximum performance of the machine and makes the human interaction straightforward by creating a complete and intuitive work environment. Either by receiving or interpreting data and displaying it in real time or by easily letting you change settings, itoControl will give you full control over your machine.  

The system has been designed to be installed in a modular fashion. This way your machine will only have installed the components it really needs resulting in a system adaptable to any need without the need for unnecessary components, changes and charges. You will be able to access the injection moulding machine panel through any device with internet connection, allowing you to make adjustments on the run. Total connectivity and adaptability.