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itoPlas Engineering Injection Moulding Machines

IMM Projects are the only UK suppliers of the

iS Series

Artisan engineering with maximum profitability.

The iS Series injection moulding machines, electrical components, and hydraulic and electronic elements are all designed and manufactured by Itoplas Engineering in Spain. The machines deliver European performance standards and maximum quality through local production. itoPlas’ in-house manufacturing facilitates flexible modification – each machine can meet the each client’s requirements so together we can create fully customized solutions by adapting our standard series. The iS injection moulding machine series incorporates technology developed by itoPlas Engineering so every machine achieves maximum possible performance. 

The iS Series includes a wide range of standard options.

The full range of injection moulding machines are supported with readily available standard replacement parts as well as continuous updates to the itoControl system software, plus a technical support department made up of industry experts to the disposal of our customers.  This combination of human and technical resources results in a machine permanently updated and adjusted to your requirements. The range starts with the i90S+ and runs up to the i1000S each with their own specification and features. 

The itoSave energy saving system is a standard feature with the iS Series machines. It achieves consumption highs of up to 80%  in comparison to traditional motors and the technology grants the machine a number of added benefits. From prolonging the life of the machine to improving its performance; for example, it uses only the necessary oil movement and therefore reduces costs related to maintenance by extending the lifespan of the oil, filters and hydraulic elements.

The iS Series comprises the itoControl electronic control system, which is the culmination of years of development focused on the technology behind injection moulding machines. The ito5000 model installed on the machines in the iS Series presents an intuitive interface that is accessible to any user, running on high-precision technology. The itoControl system is completely modular and provides comprehensive control of production and thorough analysis of the machine’s work, and is perfect for users that want a very technical and demanding parametrisation and those who want more simple machine programming. Its remote connection functionality, which allow for analysis and manipulation of parameters of the injection moulding machine remotely, will allow you to control and manage your production freely form anywhere. 

IMM Projects will act as itoPlas Engineering’s UK agents bringing you the Series IS, itoSave and itoControl.

itoPlas Engineering is based in Barcelona, Spain with a good client reputation across the world, particularly in North and South America.