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itoPlas Engineering itoSave - Tailored Servomotor Kit

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Think green and benefit from a minimum of 40% energy savings – the itoSave Servomotor kit will breathe new life into your old, refurbished or newer injection moulding machine. 

Performance on your machine is enhanced by replacing machine motors and hydraulic pumps with high-tech Servomotors and more efficient hydraulic pumps.  This grants a number of very important benefits including a higher torque, varied control modes and unsurpassable working efficiency.

Our team will make a preliminary study of your machine before proceeding with the adaptation of your new Servomotor system which will allow us to determine the drive and Servomotor model best suited to meet your requirements and expectations. It also allows us to precisely determine the energy saving that will be obtained after installation. The itoSave Servomotor kit ensures stable cycles on the injection moulding machine and energy savings of up to 80% can be reached. Every predicted study will be a guaranteed saving and we will give you your money back should you not reach the pre-indicated energy saving percentage after installation. Note: Terms and conditions apply.

Benefits of itoSave

Decrease in consumption an increase in productivity

High energy saving rating are but one of the many benefits obtained by machines working with an itoSave Servomotor kit assembled. The pressure and oil flow are controlled in close ring without the need for proportional valves. This ensure that when the hydraulic oil is at different temperatures, the cycle’s velocities will stay the same, resulting in stable machines with constant cycles.

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Increase in productivity

High torque, varied control modes and high efficiency are some of the advantages of the itoPlas Engineering Energy Saving Servomotor Kit which enables constant stable machines with continued repetitive cycles.

Energy savings

It is equally important to ensure and increase the stability of the machine during all its working stages to achieve maximum energy savings, this compares well above the alternatives available such as frequency and velocity converters.

Lesser oil degradation

The itoSave Servomotor kit uses only the necessary oil for each movement. One of the direct advantages of this optimization is the reduction of maintenance costs, since the lifespan for the oil filters and hydraulic elements is extended. Cylinder gaskets and seals are some of the other elements that suffer a lesser wear.

Reduced water consumption

The itoSave Servomotor kits have the advantage of heating the hydraulic oil less than a normal hydraulic system does. As a direct consequence there is a reduction in water consumption and savings in heat energy.

Less ambient noise

The Servomotors incorporated by itoPlas Engineering in its itoSave Servomotor kits have a lower noise level when the machine is at full work capacity and never exceed 75db.