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Gefran Tie Bar Stress Test Measuring Service

Helping you to ensure your tie bars don’t need replacing prematurely

Tie bars are the most vital part of the working injection moulding machine and very often the most neglected element – don’t let a tie bar failure stop your business from moving.

A complete clamp service and maintenance routine should be incorporated into your annual maintenance schedule to prolong your machine’s life. This is not only to avoid unnecessary costs, but to also ensure smooth production, maximum productivity and continuous delivery of quality products.

With a little proactive planning and an annual maintenance plan, many injection moulding machine breakdowns can be avoided, including issues related to and failures of tie bars. At IMM Projects we can help you create a 12 month plan for all your machines and perform the comprehensive services and maintenance inspections for you. We start with an initial consultation and complete a broad check list, where we assess a machine’s level, lubrication, bushing, tie bars, robots, platen movement and much more. Plus, as part of our service, we’ll remind you before your machine’s next stress test is due so it’s one less thing for you to think about.

We use Gefran Sensormate strain sensor technology gauges to perform the tie bar strain test on each tie bar.

What our tie bar stress test measuring service comprises:

  • We first undertake a visual inspection of the clamping unit to identify any obvious concerns
  • We next perform crucial level checks
  • Should the machine pass these checks, we proceed and place strain sensors on each tie rod – these are linked to a device which calculates the strain measurement of each tie bar
  • We re-perform the stress test a number of times and readings are accumulated – this is the most effective way of ensuring the most accurate results
  • We next analyse the detailed report and share a copy of this with you within approximately two to three days
  • We will recommend any adjustments if they are required

 Please note: in order to perform our stress test service, a tool is required at the premises that can run maximum tonnage in the relevant machine.

What are the most common causes of a premature tie bar failure?

Moulds – off-centre, off-centre tonnage requirement, too small for the machine, uneven wear, uneven mould bolting, over-clamping, hot runner moulds without an insulator plate

Platens – not parallel, excessive concavity, cracked, excessive stoning, travel is not perpendicular to platen surface

Machine – poor initial construction, poor or uneven lubrication, not level, not properly supported, too much unsupported weight on the movable side, twisted machine base

What conditions should you be meeting to ensure tie bar longevity?

Tie bars – are level, are parallel, do not get too hot, the force is applied evenly across all tie bars

Moulds – properly sized and centred, travels perpendicular to the platen surface

Machine – properly levelled and supported, tonnage requirements are balanced, proper lubrication is applied

Don’t hope for the best, maintain your machines to achieve durability of parts, to better control business expenditure and prevent downtime, that can then lead to unhappy customers. Book a tie bar stress test service today, or let us help you plan a complete annual maintenance routine for your injection moulding machine.