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Injection Moulding Machine Training & Education

From basic machine maintenance, familiarity, operations and machine set-up to more complex fault detection solutions and reading electrical or hydraulic wiring diagrams, we can do it all!

Our in house training sessions are customised according to each client’s brief.  We will discuss the available time to you, your requirements and budget before deciding on the type of course and content. Understanding each business and who will take part in the training for example setters or managers is a vital key as each company utilises different brands, equipment, shifts and set-ups in order to produce a wide variety of plastic products.

Employees will have different learning styles, experience levels and capabilities so we do our best to tailor the sessions to suit any trainees’ needs. We aim to keep a balance between theory and practical on each day but have found that the majority of staff will in the end benefit more from practical exercises during the course.

“TRAIN people well enough so they can leave, TREAT them well enough so they don’t want to.”

– Richard Branson

Why Train Your Workforce?

Staff feel invested in, and therefore more motivated, as well as happier and confident to use machinery and equipment. When staff properly understand all machine settings, straightforward issues can easily be taken care of  and increase productivity and quality on a busy production line.


Unfortunately major maintenance will always need to be done by a more senior engineer. However, a basic maintenance course covering filter changes, maintaining machine cleanliness on a daily basis, alterations of barrel, screw, proportional valve and pumps, platen alignment and machine levelling will allow tasks to be done in-house and will eliminate external maintenance fees.


Common mistakes can be avoided and or dealt with. For example, pump calibration, early signs and diagnostics of pump or machine faults, calibration of stroke transducer, correct set up of mould to maintain optimal life span, properly understanding machine settings and the use thereof. 


All of the above contribute to reducing breakdowns, unnecessary call out fees and missed production deadlines as intricate processing and simple issues can be quickly solved by your staff when trained up properly.

Training packages overview

Basic/advanced one day or multiple in house training – adjusted according to individual

Training for groups or individuals

Hands on, illustrative practical training on site

Theoretical education and manuals

Certificates on completion

We undertake maintenance, obtain parts and provide training on the following Injection Moulding Machine brands –